Feeding with a Smile

About the Campaign

According to the World Food Programme WFP 189 million people in India fall under the HUNGRY category.

We all have to make choices, for some the choices are the hardest ones they have to make. Imagine that you had barely sufficient cash to purchase food for the day. Numerous families are facing these extreme decisions everyday.

At Project Ehsas we are dedicated to uniting for the goal of making the dream of ending hunger from the country one step closer to reality, ONE MEAL AT A TIME. 

When you support Ehsas

with your help, we can provide families with the immediate assistance they require to live their lives with slight ease.


Our Campaigns

Community Kitchen

Under the Hunger Relief Programme, HWF aims to establish community kitchens in metro cities to serve 1000s cooked meals ...

Roti Bank

Our core idea is to setup Roti Banks at different locations where good Samaritans can deposit Rotis and also freshly cooked rotis be made available free ...

Surplus Foodshare

Through this, we aim to minimize food waste through redistribution of surplus food, ...

Our Campaigns

Community Kitchen

Roti Bank

Surplus Foodshare


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